A Lawyer Who Understands The Local Legal Scene

Is it really important to hire a lawyer who lives among you in the community he serves? Let's look at it another way, would you have a house built by a contractor who didn't know how hurricanes, heat and weather conditions affect buildings in South Mississippi? Unfortunately, many lawyers set up shop without a firm understanding of local court processes and court expectations. The result can be unnecessary delays leading to costly legal fees.

Yes, It Really Does Matter That Your Lawyer Knows The Local Courts

Attorney Dennis DeBar is a well-known, respected name throughout the Pine Belt and Gulf Coast regions. His name and the reputation he has earned goes at the top of every legal brief. He is familiar with local cases, which serve as precedents for nearly all legal matters taken before a judge; and he understands what the courts and local jurors expect in terms of presentation of evidence.

Why Choose A Local Attorney? Experience Plus Pride In The Community.

Attorney Dennis DeBar offers more than 15 years of experience, including serving as a Mississippi Legislator in Jackson, and in the Mississippi National Guard. He understands the importance of building a strong community by standing up for the rights and interests of our residents.

When looking for an attorney, experience matters, but it is not always enough. Your lawyer should be a proud part of the local legal community, as well.

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